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The best kitesurfing experience during your time on Koh Phangan

Learn how to kitesurf on tropical island paradise with the PRO’s & join our lovely community of kite surfers on Koh Phangan island.


Learn how to kitesurf on tropical islands paradise with the PRO’s & join our lovely community of kite surfers on Koh Phangan island. 

We offer beginner lessons, gear rental & club membership services. All of our kitesurfing equipment is brand new and from the best brands in the industry. This will help ensure that you have the best kitesurfing experience during your time on Koh Phangan.

Come visit our idyllic spot on Koh Phangan, it is arguably the best for kitesurfing in all of Thailand, especially for beginners or those who hold safety as a priority thanks to the shallow flat water lagoons.

Our highly passionate and experienced team of instructors & beach support staff are eagerly anticipating to support you on you kitesurfing adventure!


  • 2 Hour 'DISCOVERY' lesson 4,000 ฿

Give yourself the best introduction to KITEBOARDING imaginable at our pristine paradise spot(s) on Koh Phangan island, arguably home to some of the most beginner-friendly locations in all Thailand; with warm shallow turquoise waters and steady winds.

In this discovery lesson, we will cover:

THEORY component (approx. 30 minutes)
S.E.A analysis, wind concepts & theories, equipment set-up, flight simulation & demonstration/practice of the 3 key ‘safety-steps’ paramount in kitesurfing.

PRACTICAL component (approx. 1hr 30 mins)
After the theory component, you will have your first true hands-on experience flying the kite! Feel mother nature’s power in your hands and learn how to harness it to your advantage. We will teach and guide you through your first steps in kite control.

Key exercises that we will work on include:- exploring the ‘wind-window’, launching & landing from the ‘edge of the Wind Window’, one handed kite control & walking with the kite, water-relaunch, introductory to body-drags & power strokes, practice using the quick release system & performing a full ‘self-rescue’.

  • 6 Hour course (3 x 2 hr) 11,000 ฿
  • 10 Hour course (5 x 2 hr) 17,000 ฿

Continue your journey as a kiteboarder and enrol in one of our courses to further hone your skills and become fully independent!

You can choose between our 6 & 10 hour course options, which typically comprise of 2-hour private lessons that are arranged according to wind/water-tide conditions, as well as your availability. 

In this course, we will focus primarily on:
Perfecting your power strokes, downwind & upwind body drags, performing and practicing the water-Start, riding the board in both directions & finally riding upwind.

** 90% of our students with ZERO kitesurfing experience manage to ride upwind independently within 5 lessons with us at Siam Pro Kite.

  • 1 Hour 'CUSTOMISED' lesson 2,000 ฿

Customize your lesson! We can do a quick 1-hour lesson to get you where you want to be… whether it be a little refresher just to get that rust off since your last session, or to work on specific skills/exercises that you are not confident with, or simply to get acclimated to a new spot. Our instructors are more than ready to help you progress!

Equipment Rental

At Siam Pro Kite we use brand new equipment, from Duotone and Airush kiteboarding, two of the most reputable companies in the industry.

Our range of equipment boasts kites from our largest 17 sqm lightwind specific kites such as the Duotone Juice, Airush Ultra and Lithium kites. For stronger wind days we have high performance big air / freestyle kites, such as the Duotone Rebel, Airush Lift and Union kites. Our smallest kites available are 5 sqm for smaller riders / children or for the days the wind is honking past 40 knots. 

Whatever your kitesurfing level and riding style, Siam Pro Kite line up of kites and twintip boards have you covered and will ensure you have the best kite kitesurfing experience on Koh Phangan.


Full kitesurf gear rental

  • 1 hour 1,500 ฿
  • 1 day 3,500 ฿

Control bar rental

  • 1 hour 200 ฿
  • 1 day 500 ฿

'Board only' rental

  • 1 hour 300 ฿
  • 1 day 700 ฿

Harness rental

  • 1 hour 200 ฿
  • 1 day 500 ฿

'Kite only' rental

  • 1 hour 1,000 ฿
  • 1 day 2,500 ฿

Hydrofoil board rental

  • 1 hour 700-1,000 ฿

    (Depending on foil)

  • 1 hour 2,000 ฿

    (Full Set: Hydrofoil board width kite + bar + harness)

Kite-Club Membership

Bring your own equipment & feel right at home with us in paradise!
Our international community of KITEBOARDERS welcome you to our kite-family.

Services /amenities include:

  • Compressor for inflating kites.
  • Designated pumping & pack-down areas.
  • Beach boy assistance for launching/landing.
  • Shower & toilet facilities.
  • Seating/chill-out areas while waiting for wind, or in-between your sessions.

Siam Pro Kite offers daily/weekly/monthly membership and storage options depending on the length of your stay. 
For more information please contact our WhatsApp, FB messenger or Instagram.

Leifur Sigurdsson
Leifur Sigurdsson
I had an excellent experience learning how to kite surf at Siam Pro Kite! Justin was very communicative about daily wind conditions on Whatsapp and the instructor team was excellent. Within a few days I made huge progress on my kiting. This schools equipment is high quality and the team is experienced, professional, kind, and attentive. Justin even went the extra mile and got some awesome action photos while I was learning to kite. I cannot recommend this kite school enough!!
Отличная школа. Занимался с инструктором тайцем. Он всё показал, рассказал и все время обучения поддерживал. При сильном порывистом ветре, я попросил перенести занятие и никаких проблем с этим не было. Вообще школа очень ориентированна на клиента и его желания.
John Kalin
John Kalin
Amazing experience! It was my 3rd time kiting and the lesson was perfectly tailored towards previous experience. Good range of equipment that compensated for lighter conditions, and amazing an amazing instructor that worked on specific board and kite techniques. If conditions were not viable for a lesson, the company would keep you up to date daily on the current conditions give you the best possible information to make a determination. Overall would highly recommend.
Vasilii Knyrkov
Vasilii Knyrkov
Great kite school! All team members are very friendly and professional. There is a lot of different equipment, including for safety. The instructors are very patient and take great care to explain and demonstrate everything. If you want to learn how to kite surf, I definitely recommend them. And as a very nice bonus you will receive great photos
Wieger Bijl
Wieger Bijl
echt een hele aardige eigenaar! Ik had voor een goede prijs de kite gehuurd. Ze waren heel snel en flexibel. Goede Kitesurf plek! Ook was er nog een leuke verassing Siam had foto’s van mij gemaakt tijdens het kiten! Heel gaaf en zeker aan te raden
Anne Noya
Anne Noya
Amazing kiteschool from Justin he is very helpful & nice and the kiteinstructors & geaar. 🤗 Loved the spot with the flat water, be only careful for the rocks at this spot 😉
Patricia B
Patricia B
Team is super nice and helpful! Would definately recommend this kiteschool
Anton Аnton
Anton Аnton
Было супер! Замечательные тренера и персонал!
Matthias G
Matthias G
Very friendly and competent teachers. Also very good spots for beginners. Last but not least - big plus for always being honest with weather conditions - even when it meant that I would arrive a few days later.

Locations and seasons

N.E Wind Season

Mid October – Mid January

S.E Wind Season 

Mid January – End of April

S.W Wind Season 

Mid May – End of September

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